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Emma Realistic Toys - Silicone Frisbee

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The Most Paw-Fect Frisbee Toy for an Exciting Play of Catch with your Dog!

Pets tend to develop bad behavior due to boredom and frustration. That is why interactive toys are a must-have for pet owners!

They are highly recommended to promote bonding time and improve your pet's temperament. Picking the right interactive plaything for your pooch will not be difficult with the Silicone Frisbee!

Introducing the most appropriate and enjoyable dog toy to improve your dog's mental and cognitive stimulation. 

✔ 100% Non-toxic and eco-friendly. Made from non-toxic and harmless Silicone so your dog can catch and bite on it as long as they want.

✔ High-Quality Silicone Frisbee. The Silicone Frisbee Toy is designed as a tool for fun, enjoyment, and training. It is crafted with dense Silicone to withstand the wear and tear from continuous playing.


✔ Portable. Our Silicone Frisbee is lightweight which makes it very easy to bring and carry around. You can simply slide it in a pouch or backpack and bring it wherever you and your dog may go.

✔ For your dog's health. This toy is not only fun to play with, but it also has an important role in your dog's health. With the Silicone frisbee, your dog can get good exercise while running and catching the frisbee.

✔ Wide Compatibility. Available in three different sizes so you can choose which size is the most ideal toy for your pet. Perfect for small to large dog breeds- looking for the best toy has never been this easy!

By nature, dogs are highly social animals and with the Silicone Frisbee, you can enjoy a fun playtime with your best buddy!


  • Type: Dogs
  • Material: Rubber
  • Toys Type: Flying Discs
  • Size: 15cm 18cm 22cm

Package Includes:

1* Silicone Frisbee

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