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Emma Realistic Toys

Emma Realistic Toys - Realistic & Lifelike Siba Inu Puppy Missy

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Emma Realistic Toys - How to make a realistic pet:

Emma Realistic Toys - About the Artist :

  • This pet is 100% handmade by Emma Recuero and her team
  • With over 30 years of pet making experience, each one comes realistic
  • The average production time is usually 10 - 25 days, please be patient
  • Custom service is available for your beloved pets
  • 50,000+ satisfied customers

Emma Realistic Toys - Product Description :

  • Length: 10‘’ long.
  • Made from artificial fur
  • Hand sculpted polymer clay nose, claws, paws
  • Glass eyes
  • The head, body, and legs are connected by the plastic skeleton locking
  • Filled with polyester and steel granules
  • Toned by airbrush paint and art pastel for giving a living species.
  • It is completely handmade.

Notice: Our Toys Don't Move, Not Flexible, Fixed Pose As The First Picture Shows

Emma Realistic Toys - Why you should buy from us :

  • Offers real pet - ownership experience – Have fun with your lifelike pet without getting bitten or scratched. 
  • Hassle assle - free alternative to real pets – Enjoy the convenience and affection of having your very own pet without the hassles and expenses. No more messy feedings, harmful fleas, litter cleanups, and pricey trips to the vet.
  • Relaxing companionship for any age – They’re wonderful companions for seniors and children, providing a lifelike, relaxing pet ownership experience.
  • 100% of synthetic fur causes no hypersensitivities - All the toys are made of 100% handcrafted synthetic fur. You won’t have to worry about allergic reactions caused by real pet hair.
  • Long-Lasting, fun, lifelike interaction – It offers a unique alternative to pet ownership. Our lifelike pets give you maximum relaxation and enjoyment.


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