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Emma Realistic Toys

Emma Realistic Toys - Portable Pet Food Scale Cup with Led Display for Dogs and Cats

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Overfeeding dogs and cats is an epidemic that leads to obesity, disease and ultimately a shorter life for your dog

As pet owners, we all love our pets like members of our own families. Because we care so much about our pets, we all try to do everything in our power to take good care of them. Every pet owner knows that one of the most important things we can do to take care of our pets is to make sure that they are eating properly. 

Introducing the Pet Food Measuring Scoop precisely measures portions as you serve your pets food. Let the balance on the front of the scoop guide you to healthier feeding.



  • Feed your pets the right amount of food with this smart food scoop
  • Measurement in units in grams, ml, cup, oz. Just press the button! 
  • Antibacterial design, it effectively inhibits the breeding of bacteria





No matter where in the world you are, or to what measurements you are accustom to, we have have everything for you! You can either measure in any of the following units:


    All you you need to do, is simply press a button. That's how easy it is!




    Measure absolutely anything you want! It's time for your pet to live a healthy lifestyle!


     It's incredibly easy to use

    1. Pull to open the battery compartment
    2. Take out the insulating film
    3. Put it back together and turn it on.



    Be smart. Keep your pet healthy and have him/her eat like a boss!






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