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Emma Realistic Toys

Emma Realistic Toys - Furwell Roller™ Pet Hair Remover

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Does your pet shed everywhere?

STOP wasting money on lint rollers!
STOP lifting your heavy vacuum cleaner!
STOP using things that don't work!

Say hello to our #1 Rated Pet Hair Remover!

Why the Furwell Roller™?

  • Picks up all types of fur and lint
  • Great for the sofa, couch, carpet, bed sheets, car seat and clothes
  • No Power Source or Batteries Required
  • No Adhesive or Sticky Tape
  • 100% Reusable
  • Easy to use; Easy to empty
  • Portable, light and durable
  • Cost Effective - Save on lint rollers!


Watch the Furwell Roller™ in action below:

The EASIEST and MOST EFFECTIVE hair removing product on the market! 

The Furwell Roller™ is not sold in stores.

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