Hi, my name is Emma Recuero . 

Thanks so much for visiting my creative gallery!

I like what I do, and I hope that you will feel the love that I have put into each of my creations.

Every toy is made with love, and I put my heart and soul into it. My toys are made 100% handmade with materials of the highest quality.

All animals created by me and my team are one of a kind, created out of quality faux fur or mohair/alpaca. I design a new pattern for each animal to make them truly unique. All the doggies and kittens are sewn not needle felted, they can pose and be gently brushed or combed.

Since this is a professional level art form of custom soft sculpture pattern design, I spend many hours to create one of them and strive to make every one as realistic as possible.

You can order any of your favorite toys. And I'm happy to do it just for you.

I also create replicas of pets and different animals to order. Just send me a photo of the animal and approximate sizes and we will discuss the cost and production time.

With respect and love in your heart, Emma.
My email address is: customersupport@realistictoysbyemma.com